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Our Staff

You can’t find a better staff than Zen Well.  Seriously, we work hard and train hard all to make sure that your experience at Zen Well is top-notch!  No need to pick a favorite we strive to all be similar in talent.

We hire only Texas licensed massage therapist.  They come to us with talent and a desire to learn more about the healing practices that we do here at Zen Well.  We train them in-house an additional 16-20 hours of each modality that we offer.  Thai massage, reflexology, chair massage, prenatal massage, facial and scalp massage.  We also train monthly together to make sure our team is cohesive.  We strive to make sure that whomever you get for your massage is as good as the top rated massage therapist that we have.

On top of that we try to have fun at work making it a cheerful and relaxing environment.


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If you are looking for an exceptional place to work we are always looking for great massage therapists.

Staff benefits

  • Competitive pay structure with quarterly raises
  • Monthly free maintenance massage
  • Discount products
  • Paid training
  • Teamwork environment
  • We only hire only when we know we can fill your shift
  • You are an employee not a contractor


Apply to work at Zen Well!  Send your resume to