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Our Chair Massage: Your therapist will use targeted pressure and stretching to help ease tense areas. If needed, we will wrap your back or neck with a heated pad to loosen the muscles before we start to work.  We customize each chair massage to your body.  The longer the chair massage sessions move on to your arms and hands.


+ Add a 10 minute scalp massage for just $12



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___What is unique about Zen Well’s Chair Massage is that we use our Thai techniques including stretching and acupressure points.   This allows us to really get to the tight areas with ease and less pain on your part.  If a deep tissue chair massage is what you desire our unique Thai techniques will give you that pressure.

___The chair massage is performed seated on a specially designed massage chair in forward reclined position.  It allows for many massage techniques applied to the back, neck and are that are helpful to a client suffering with pain and stiffness.    No need to come prepared, we have shirts for you to change into with a scoop neck so that we can get right to your shoulders and neck.  We use no lotions or oils in our chair massage so that we can get better traction with your facia and so that you don’t leave greasy.  If you prefer lotions or oils we do have those and will use them if asked.  Our chairs have many attachments to help any figure fit comfortably, no matter if you are tall, short or pregnant.


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Pick your chair massage length and try one of our other relaxing services.  Just add to when you book with our easy online checkout and we will package them together back to back.


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