Facial Massage

Facial Massage Description:  Facial Massage is a specialized treatment to treat congestion, allergies, sinus pressure and headaches.  Your therapist will use gentle pressure along the forehead, nose, cheeks and scalp to open up the nasal passage ways and relieve sinus headaches.  Acupressure and massage techniques are combined to relieve the sinuses.  This session is approximately 20 minutes long and can be combined with any massage.

+ Add our Breathewell essential oil to this massage to help clear allergies and sinuses. (only $3)

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What is Facial Massage?

This type of massage has long been a secret weapon of aestheticians (think of all that stroking and swirling during a facial) and makeup artists, who often give clients a face rub before sending them down a catwalk or red carpet.

By relaxing muscles and connective tissue, massaging the face softens expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows, helps expel acne-causing toxins and de-puffs and brightens the eye area.  It also increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells. 

Facial massage decreases anxiety and can improve a negative mood, according to a study conducted by the User Science Institute. Psychological tests administered after 45 minutes of facial massage showed significant improvements in both mood and anxiety levels, according to the 2008 study. A relaxing facial massage may be just what you need to reduce stress.

Daily stress often results in tension buildup in the muscles. Foreheads furrow and lines form between the brows and along the lip line. Gentle, routine facial massage can help relax these tight and drawn muscles, decreasing the lines that they form. 


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