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Our Prenatal Massage:  This massage is skillfully performed with very peaceful, flowing movements.  We use a combination of stretching and pressure points to stimulate circulation.  The movement of our prenatal massage helps revitalize, heal and relax both your mind and body…not to mention help the swelling!

You’ll be supported with lots of pillows to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  This full-body prenatal massage begins at your feet and gradually moves up the body.  You are comfortably clothed while you relax on our soft floor mats.  Come as you are, we provide clothing.

*We accept all trimesters of pregnancy.


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Prenatal Massage Austin


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Make your own prenatal spa package

Pick your prenatal massage length and try one of our other relaxing services.  Just add when you book with our easy online checkout and we’ll package them together back to back.  Our foot and hand reflexology is perfect for the advanced phases of pregnancy.  Combine reflexology with your prenatal massage to create your own spa day package.


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Our Prenatal Massage is better

There is a reason we are so highly recommended.  All of our massage therapists have advanced training in prenatal massage.  We take pride in making sure you feel nurtured in each session.  We have special prenatal support pillows so you are lie comfortably on your side or the short period we have you on your back.  Our prenatal massage is preformed on a soft floor mat so you are not confined to a table.  We leave you with stretches to do at home to relieve any problem areas.

Check out our Youtube cannel for prenatal stretches to do at home!


How Prenatal Massage will benefit you
Research has revealed that of all the factors that contribute to increased risk in pregnancy is stress.  Stress has the most detrimental effect, as it forces the adrenal glands to produce more hormones to control this stress.  In fact, stress increases all of the regular discomforts of pregnancy.  Stress reduces the blood supply to the baby and interferes with the development of the fetal brain and nervous system.  Pregnant woman find that prenatal massage sessions are incredibly effective in relieving stress, especially when received regularly.


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