Thai Massage

Thai massage is skillfully performed with very peaceful, flowing movements.  In your massage session your therapist assists you in gentle stretches.  This treatment is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, giving the therapist a lot of leverage to give you a deep tissue massage if desired.  Your therapist uses their palms and thumbs pressing along the muscles and acupoints of the body.  This stimulates circulation to help revitalize, heal and relax both your mind and body.  This ancient full-body massage begins at your feet and gradually moves up the body to your head, then ends where it began – at your feet.  Thai massage is an effective form of sports massage and works wonders to heal any painful muscles or tendons.  You are comfortably clothed throughout the session. Come as you are, we provide clothing.


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More to know about Thai massage

Never had Thai massage before?
Try our Beginner Thai Massage
This 40-60 minute beginner Thai massage let’s you sample what we do. We customize your massage to your bodies needs and give you a full understanding of what we can do with Thai massage that you can’t get with Swedish massage. Come see for yourself why we love Thai massage!

Am I flexible enough for a Thai massage?
Yes! We only go as far as your body allows. With any degree of flexibility a Thai massage can be very beneficial.

Is Thai massage better than Swedish massage?
I’ve gotten countless Swedish massage and once I had Thai massage I never went back. This is why:
A) Healing. A thai massage therapist can manipulate the muscle better during stretches than they could on a table. This helps the massage therapist get right to the problem area in a shorter amount of time.
B) Pressure. A Thai massage therapist uses their body weight to give the client the kind of pressure they desire. So even if you have a therapist that has not been to the gym in a while you can still get that good pressure. If you desire soft to medium pressure that is easy too. All of our therapist are trained on how to use their bodies to create more or less pressure.
C) Relaxation. Getting naked and under a sheet can be difficult for some people. For me it was never an issue, but I did not like the dance with the sheet, making sure I was covered at all times. In Thai massage we don’t have to worry about that. You are fully clothed in loose clothing. The therapist can massage just as well if not better with clothes on.

Is Thai massage good for pregnancy?
Absolutely! All of our massage therapists are trained in prenatal thai massage and we would be happy to help you. We use pillows to make sure that you are comfortable at all times. Most of the massage is done in the side laying position with only 20 min or less on your back. When on your back you are still on a incline. You can get a great full body massage this way, and of all people…you need it!
PS. I’m writing this 8 months pregnant and I have to say that what we do feels amazing and is better than other prenatal massage I’ve had.  Including the table with the tummy hole…it pulls in the wrong places.

Why we have clothed massage:

Traditionally, Thai massage is done with light clothing.  It would be VERY AWKWARD to not be clothed during your thai massage.  It allows for movement while maintaining modesty and privacy.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

  • Thai Massage can improve posture, breathing, flexibility, digestion and circulation. Muscles are stretched, inner organs toned and emotional and nervous tension is reduced.
  • The main emphasis in the practice of Thai Massage is usually on health prevention (as all disease manifests first on the energy level and can be treated there before it becomes physical), it can also be of great therapeutic benefit for a range of specific problems and conditions, such as headaches, back pain, digestive disorders, shoulder and neck tension, joint pain, menstruation problems, insomnia and other stress related conditions.
  • Improves circulation, relieves muscular tension and spasm, helps expedite metabolism, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically, inducing a calm mental state. It has been reported to help alleviate lower back pain, headaches, arthritis, menstrual problems including cramps, digestive difficulties, and many stress-related conditions.  Individuals suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia can likewise benefit from a Thai Massage.
  • A Thai Massage incorporates all six spinal movements: flexion, extension, left lateral flexion, right lateral flexion, left rotation, and right rotation.  These movements produced by your massage relieve excess stress not only in the spine, but in the rest of the skeletal body as well.  The stretching action in your spine helps to increase the space between your vertebrae, thus allowing the active circulation of synovial, cerebrospinal, and lymph fluids.  Your joint mobility is improved through fluid circulation and movement, thus increasing your range of motion.

What Thai Massage is great for:

  • Back Problems:

People experiencing back pain associated with myofascial trigger points showed significant increases in heart rate variability, pressure pain threshold and body flexibility as well as significant decreases in pain intensity, anxiety and muscle tension

The opening created by the stretches in Thai Massage relieves excess stress on the skeletal body including the spine. The reduced stress on the on the skeleton reduces stress on the joints, alleviating pain.

The stretches guide the body back into proper alignment, improving overall posture. Thai Massage has been proven to correct skeletal problems, even reversing some degenerative spinal diseases such as kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis. Improved posture allows joints to move within their intended ranges and positions, reversing and / or preventing pain within the them.

highly effective in treating health troubles such as back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, migraines, and knee pain besides slowing down the aging process.

  • Joint Pain:

If they are experiencing joint pain ranging from mild to debilitating, the combination of stretches and energy movement opens joints, elongates muscles, and generally creates space in painful areas to bring relief.

Thai massage has positive impacts on every system of the mind and body. It has meditative qualities that soothe the mind and calm the nervous system.

Some joint pain is caused by tight (shortened) muscles which pull on the joint, causing pressure and sometimes misalignment of the joint. The combination of gentle massage and stretches in Thai massage relaxes and lengthens tight muscles. This takes pressure off the joints and allows them to fall back into proper alignment, relieving the pain. Additionally, the muscular flexibility gained in a Thai massage allows for greater range of motion in the joints.

Stretches increase the space between the joints, allowing fluids (such as lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal) to circulate – effectively “greasing the joints,” increasing mobility, and reducing healing time.

  • Arthritis:

Studies on the effects of massage for arthritis symptoms, regular use of the simple therapy led to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints.

  • Herniated Disc:

Massage therapy can be a valuable means of helping to reduce the aggravating factors that perpetuate lumbar disc herniation and the subsequent pain and dysfunction that result. As with other potentially serious medical conditions, it is a good idea to obtain a doctor’s clearance before treating the client.

Consequently, reducing tightness in the lumbar muscles helps decrease compressive stress on the intervertebral disc, thus relieving symptoms. Massage will not reverse the process of disc herniation that has already occurred, but it can help reduce compressive forces that can further deform the disc.

  • Diabetes:

-This will facilitate a more fluid range of extension by the muscles. This will help to increase your energy levels. With healthier muscles and increased energy, the person will be able to maintain healthy weights. This will lower blood sugar levels, and reverse the onset of type 2 diabetes, and help with the maintenance of type one diabetes.

When Thai Massage is not appropriate.

  • Acute injury – wait at least 72 hours and get a proper diagnosis by a medical professional prior to receiving the work. In case of fracture, wait until your doctor has confirmed that the fracture is set.
  • Dislocated joints or joints that are prone to dislocate – Your therapist should avoid stretching the joints in question.
  • Hypermobile joints, loose or lax ligaments – Your therapist should avoid stretching the areas in question.
  • Sharp pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness along the arms or the legs which might indicate acute herniated disc
  • Fever over 38.5*C
  • Hypertension with systolic blood pressure above 160 mmHg and or diastolic blood pressure above 100 mmHg combined with syncope, tachycardia, headache, nausea or vomiting
  • Recent (less than 1 month) surgery
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Communicable diseases, especially airborne types, e.g. influenza, tuberculosis


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